ConVeRsaTioN THis MoRNiNG:

ZeB: I WaNT a PuTa LiKe ThiS

.SBW:              LeTs See
................sCaNNing aCTion..........

.........Go BaCK To HeR LiPs

.................sCaNNing aCTion..........


LooK aT You eH!
You HaPPy BoY aiNT Ya!

You WaNT a PuTa LiKe ThaT?

I WaNT oNE Too!

<PuTa = WHoRe = BiTCH> 

FoLLoW THe LinK & See THe PuTa :


Chus + Ceballos present CRASH SBW YouTuBeCHaNNeL

aND For ThoSe WhoSe LiKe iT - LiKe Me =

TaKe THiS GooD SHiT, TaKe iT! TaKe iT! Take iT! 

THis is Chus + Ceballos
FuCkiNg RRRoCkiNg aRouND THa YuNK YaRD

♥ THe FoRK LiFTs

♥ CHus


♥ Ceballos



THiS iS THe WaY To FuCK aRrrrouND - FeaTuRiNg Frankie Morello

THe SiGN FraNKie MoReLLo 
LiNe oF GeaR WhiCH iS =

THe WaY To FuCK aRrrrouND!

iF i Was A MaN, 
WiTH a CoCK,
i WiLL WeaR aLL oF
THiS CoLLeKTioN! =
iNCLuDing THe NuDe GuY
@ THe eNd, To FiNiSH WiTH :D

GrrreaT 'eLeKTro BiTCH' PeRFoRMaNCe FRoM = 
BuRGeR GiRL -> aLTeR eGo oF BeNJaMiN DuKHaN






.SBW_YouTuBe_CHaNNeL =
Frankie Morello Men Fall/Winter 2012-13 Full Show at Milan Men's Fashion Week

FranKie MoReLLo = 



insomnia + lesbian chicks / BPM Festival Parties

oh noooo! I dont know what to doooo!

i got insomnia, so I'm on Facebook, and now =

This lesbian chick with which I've been seecretly wanting to go out for weeks,
is on the chat trying to persuade me about having
an all incluisve drug party!!!

What am I going to doooo!!!

I am ill !!   at Home!    With an ill Husband!!!!
Because we are fucked cos of the last 8 on a row parties!!!
+ Working + Friends  Visiting + X-Mas & NY Eve Paartys +  THe BPM Festival ! That was like Rocket'-iN SCieNCe!!

Fuck Thats a lot of Partying! 

She said she wants to feed pills into my mouth!!

Fuck Me!!!!
[Yeah! Fuck Me!]

I think I'm gonna get her to come and pretend I just got ill, and make her to play as my nurse 

The good thing is my husband is a heavy sleeper ;)


Plastik Funk - Upside Down (oFF iCiaL ViDeoOHH-iNHD) - SBW oNLy GooD ShiT!

Me LiKe iT!
Me LoVe iT!
Me FuCk iT!

H uP SiDe DoWn! G
: WouLd You Y TuRN Me ¼
biNSiDE, ~ oUT & e
a RoUNd & RouND a
+ FuCk Me FuCk Me N
a RoUNd & RouND a


CasTRo sTReeT PRoJecT @ TeL aViV 2011 - THa eXhiBiTioN PaRTy

Castro, The ReaDy-2-WeaR cLoThiNg coMPaNY, PeRFoRMeD a GReaT FuSioN oF CoNCePTs, WoRkiNg oUT WiTh a GRouP oF ReCogNiZed FaShioN DeSiGNeRs aND a GRouP oF VeRy WeLL KNoWn aRounD The WoRLd  sTReeT aRTisTs.

aLL This 2 ShoW a FaNTasTic CLoThes CoLLecTiOn THaT PRiNTs oUT 50 LiMiTed eDiTiON CasTRo sTReeT T-ShiRTs, WiTH DeSigNs FroM aRTisTs FRoM VaRioUs CouNTrieS LiKe iSRaeL, GeRmaNy, aNd JaPaN, sTReeT arTisTs LiKe = HeRaKuT, SHoRTy, Shoe, KioS, Le RhộNe, SuiKo, CaN TwO, and oTHeRs. aLL oF TheM LooKiNg FuCkiN CooL!
THe CREW WaS aBLe 2 PeRFoRm THeiR aRT bY TaKinG oVer a BuiLDinG iN Jaffa, WiTh MaSSive WaLLs, DiFFeReNT LeVeLs, iN ShoRT = a HeaVeN sPoT 4 MasTeR PieCes.

FTV CoVeRed The ParTY aNd SHaReD ThiS ViDeo WheRe THeY iNTerView GaL aPPLe-FaShiON sTyLisT-TeL aViV, SilVaN KleiN-isRaeLi BeaUTy QueeN, YuVaL KaSPiN, FaShiON / CoSTuMe DeSiGNer & GaL GaDoT, MoDeL.
FAAANTasTiK PaRTy bY Castro

RaCMTiTs 2 THeSGuYs!



DA GRaFFiTeRoS eN aXióN!
THa HeaVeN sPoTs

Castro MKT CaMpaiGn @ TeL aViV

Castro sTReeT PRoJeCT CLoTHes DeSiGNeR TeaM

And...CoMiNg SooN - Taito Tikaro, David Amo, Julio Navas - Situation 2011 [Teaser]


Scooter - The Only One

NOW!   THaTs WHaT I CaLL = 
ToTaL DiVeRsiTy eYe CaNdY
& No FuCKin SHiT
Me LiKe iT!
Me LoVe iT!
Me FuCk iT!


Web Cam Sex

My HuSBaND ZeB CaMe BaCK eaRLieR ThaN I eXPeCTeD aNd FouND Me =
MaSTuRbaTiNg . . .
iN FRoNt oFF The CoM PuTa!
WiTh oNe oFF My DiLDos
aNd HaViNg WebCaM SeX
WiTh oNe ChiCK!
aNd The SoN oF a BiTcH WaS FuCKiNG SPYiNg oN Me! CaN You BeLeiVe iT?!

Of CouRse You CaN FuCkiNg BeLeiVe iT.
I WaS TheRe . . . MinDiNg My oWn BuSiNesS . . . aNd I Was THinKiNg . . .  “oHHH, I CouLd Do WiTh SoMe CoCk. . . I TuRneD aNd LooKed aT The DooR aNd TheRe He Was WiTh His CoCk iN His HaND!
I DidN’T WaNt 2 uPSeT The GiRL BeCauSe My HuSBaND CaugHT iN  The MiDDLe oF oUR WebCam Sex SeSSioN aNd I HaDN’T iNTroDuCeD THeM PRoPeRLy BeFoRe . . .  So I KePT GoiNG FoR a WhiLe aNd TheN I GoT CLose To The CaMeRa & I ToLD HeR:
LooK DaRLiNG, My HuSBaNd WouLD LiKe To FuCK Me RiGhT NoW. He iS sTaNDiNg aT The DooR LooKiNg aT Me . WhaT aBouT uS GiViNg YoU a PriVaTe Web Cam SeX ShoW ?  aRe YoU uP 4 iT?
So We FuCKeD iN FroNt oF HeRWe GaVe HeR a GooD SHoW & ShE GaVe uS a FaNTasTiC VieW oF HeR MasTuRBaTiNg WiTh HeR WhiP
WOW! sTiLL MaKes Me GeT WeT!!
A – Aa – Aaa!
BuT GueSS WhaT ZeB DiD:
He TooK PiCTuRes WiTh His iPhoNe WhiLe He WaS  FuCKiNG Me oN a STaNDiNg DoGGy sTyLe!
He TooK PiCTuRes oF My BaCk & The BaCk oF mY HeaD aND The sCreeN SHoWiNg ThiS GiRL MaSTuRBaTinG & SeNd TheM To oUR MaTes MAX & NoRToN!